Use Apps

Creating an effective campaign means having a clear call to action. Since apps are huge now, said call to action is just as likely to involve the user going into an app to get it done.

From Call to Action to App

For best results your user is taken to the right place within the app, consistent with the call to action from your campaign. While this sounds obvious, the required setup can present a challenge for even the tech savvy.

Seamless Transition with Deep Linking

Give your user a flawless experience by linking directly into the right place in the right app. This is called 'deep-linking'. It works just like any other link on the internet, except within apps. This means you can take your user to any page or function within any app, just as easily as on the web.

From Social Promotion to App

Whether you are using your own or an external app for promoting live shows, collecting RSVPs, selling tickets, hosting a live stream or launching a video – we'll ensure your audience is taken to the right place every time.

Flawless User Experience

We'll ask for basic details and even tell you how to find them if you don't know. You provide the information and our platform, Promogogo, creates a beautiful mobile friendly page that transitions your user from any online promotion right into your app. A page you can of course edit and modify to fit your branding and campaign needs.

Share as Normal

Share your campaign as you normally would, on social networks, via email or text, or link to it on your website. Your call to action can be in-app or the web, your users will have the same experience either way.

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