The Beat of Promogogo

Promogogo's timeline is the heart of Promogogo. This means all your activity is featured here: live events, social promotion, media appearances, fan meet-ups and what have you. The timeline takes these events and lines them up for you in chronological order, so at any time you see at a glance everything you have got coming up today, tomorrow, this week.

Your Narrative, Your Story

You are building your story: with your live events, with your fans, with your music. Have your narrative in one place, on your timeline.

Poetic Sure, but Mainly Practical

The timeline is the heart of all analytic features Promogogo offers. Interlink your events: see what influences trends, learn how your action creates a reaction. You can see who your audience is, what they respond to, what works best, what could have been better, what couldn't have been better, where you are getting your money's worth, where your fans live, where you sell out, where you have to promote heavily. As one of our clients described it: "it's like porn for managers".

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