Real Time Sales

Promogogo's gogoLive provides real time ticket sales data. When a ticket to your show is sold, it appears on a map on your screen. Desktop, tablet or mobile is your call. Play around with your marketing. What creates the most traction on your map: an email blast, a tweet or an interview on the radio?

Next Level Marketing

Take marketing to the next level by monitoring your sales in real time and taking the guesswork out of it. Adjust your game plan on the fly and redirect your marketing efforts to where they're needed the most.  Never before have you been able to pinpoint the exact 140 characters responsible for making your event a sellout.

Be in Control

No one knows better than you the painstaking task of selling out an event. There's no need to make it harder than it has to be, so Promogogo has everything in one place. We believe sales, marketing and promotion should not work independently of one another, but all contribute to the same objective: getting you in front of your fans.

Have a Front Seat View.

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