Manage Live Events With Promogogo

Promogogo is the management tool for live events and entertainment. It brings together in one place ticket sales, social media and tools to create campaigns. It is designed for you to see what sells tickets.

Real Time Ticket Sales

What makes Promogogo is seeing ticket sales in real time. Save money by allocating your marketing budget to where your efforts are really needed.

All-round Management Tool

Promogogo is built to not just be a sales feed, but provide you with the tools required to do something if and when required. See what your fans look like and build single-use campaign websites tailored to a specific audience for a specific event.


Use social media for what it's good for: promotion and communication. The difference is, Promogogo links it directly to your ticket sales information so you see the fruit of your labour instantly.

Made to Manage

Be in control of your sales, marketing and promotion in one place, designed for live events and entertainment.

That's Promogogo.

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