Promogogo costs 5 tickets per month. 

That is your monthly fee to Promogogo is the equivalent to the price of five of your tickets.  If you sell a ticket to your show for $1 / €1 / £1 / 1 krona, you pay us five of your currency per month.  If you sell a ticket to your show for $100 / €100 / £100 / 100 krona, you pay us five hundred of your currency per month.

Try it first

See if it works for you before you pay

Before we charge you, you can try it and see if you like it free of charge. You will receive an email when your trial period ends, giving you the option to set up a payment method or stop using Promogogo.

Why it's set up this way

1) To make Promogogo accessible to everyone.

Bigger bands charge more for their tickets. We are really proud of Promogogo and what it can do for bands and/or any management for any creative outlet. We do not want it to be exclusive to big budget productions.  We take pride in providing a service that is accessible to all. 

2) Bigger production, bigger Promogogo benefit.

The benefit of Promogogo grows exponentially as your productions grow more complex. For someone who plays one concert a year and invites parents and friends, the need for Promogogo is limited. For artist with tours spanning continents and hundreds of events per year it’s immense.  So they pay more. 

3) It should increase your ticket sales by at least 6 tickets per month.

Your ticket sales should be growing by more than six sold tickets per month by using Promogogo.

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