PROMOGOGO is a data dashboard with real-time ticket sales, so you can make better marketing and operational decisions for your live events. When you need to push an event harder, build campaigns with ease and push it out right away. Check your data to see if you are selling more tickets. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It's based on this virtuous cycle:

  • know what your ticket sales are in real-time to quickly spot potential trouble
  • execute an appropriate sales strategy that's tracked
  • see if your strategy worked in the data
    • if yes, well done
    • if not, try again

That's it. Keep reading for more details on how PROMOGOGO works, find our blogs and other products, and our contact information.

Your Ticket Sales in Real-Time

Users of PROMOGOGO can access their third-party ticket sales data in real-time and build effective marketing campaigns with ease. Our data integrations with the world's biggest ticket services mean you can seamlessly include all your listings natively on your campaign.

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near you or where you're going

Our event integrations means you can browse what events are happening near you, and even see what tickets are going on sale in the next couple of weeks.

In our new product Bucketgigs, you can use science to find the gigs you're most likely to enjoy!

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and go see them live

We all have a special bond with the music we grew up with –you know, when music was music– and now you can find those shows easily.

Ever since mom told 12-year-old me that I absolutely could not go to see The Clash by myself I've had a mental list of bands I wanted to see live.

– Toti, Promogogo Founder



On our RADAR, we share with our users and readers what's on in live music, cool videos, fun playlists, artist profiles, and interesting developments from the industry.

Build Campaigns

or even whole websites, all within the PROMOGOGO platform.

This whole webpage, and any we link to, is made using our very own campaign-builder. It turns out when you have the tools to make an effective digital marketing campaign, you also have the tools to make excellent websites.

This includes adding videos, live event listings, copy, photos and much more to a simple landing page with no coding required. Simple, easy and accessible to anyone in your team. 


with a bit of gogo

Head over to the GOGO blog, where we write about ticket sales, marketing strategy, data and audience development.

We'll talk ticket sales and marketing campaigns with anyone.
Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

– The Promogogo team