We listen. Promogogo is made for one purpose: so you can sell more tickets. We're doing everything to fulfil that purpose, including listening to your feedback, so tell us right away!

What We've Achieved So Far!

Promogogo is made for one purpose: so you can sell more tickets.
And we, the Promogogo Team, are doing everything we can to fulfil that purpose.

  • We believe strategy decisions should be based on the actual ticket sales number, so we implemented real-time ticket sales.
  • We believe your team should be able to take action as soon as a crisis is identified, so we implemented a full-fledged content-management-system (CMS) so anyone on the team can build and push new campaigns as required.
  • We believe it should be easy to work across teams and even companies, so every event or dashboard can be shared with up to 10 contributors.
  • We believe that sales determine strategy and want to make it as simple as possible for the team on the ground to mobilise that plan right away, so our whole product works just as well from your phone as it does on a big screen.


let's hear 'em

Everything in Promogogo is made to contribute to this should-be-virtual cycle. Sales lead to analysis, analysis to strategy, strategy to campaigns, campaigns to sales, and the new sales figures to further analysis. And so it goes, forever and always.

But if you think we've missed something, or are overlooking something, or you have any questions about anything, we want to hear from you.

Thank you, we'll be in touch!