Where do the events come from?

We have a big event database sourced from ticket selling sites through their APIs. Our coverage in the United States and the United Kingdom is comprehensive. Upcoming events are imported from data sources or added by you and made available to promote and track.

Some sites offer additional features, like automatic tracking of sales, imports of events etc. This includes Eventbrite's full suite of analytics. Promogogo is also able to track sales on all Ticketmaster web sales platforms, including Archtics.

Get Your Ticket Sales Data from your Ticket Service

There are two ways to access your ticket sales data. If your ticket service is supported, like Eventbrite or Ticketmaster, it's plug and play. Set it up once, and it will be tracked and show up on your data dashboard.

The other way to track your ticket sales, is by having a PROMOGOGO tracking code placed on the ticket website itself. If you have access to the code on the page, you can set it up yourself. Simply put one on every event page you want tracked.

If you don't have access to the code yourself, you may need the help of a developer who does. Your promoter or ticket sales website should be familiar with a process like this from similar products like the Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics tracking codes.