About image pages

If your photo is featured and you don't want it to be, get in touch. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We reserve the right to verify the request and then we will have the photo removed as soon as reasonably possible.

Fan generated photos

The photos featured on this image page are generated from social accounts Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Brands or artists find these photos using our product, Promogogo, by searching for hashtags, users or location tags. The artist or brand chooses which tags to follow and which photos to feature.

The user who posted the photo, owns the photo

The content featured is owned by the user who posted the original photo on any of the listed social networks. Click on the photo to be redirected back to the original photo on its respective social network. We encourage artists and audiences alike to carry on the communication on the content creators' profiles.

Photo is hosted on its original social network

The photos displayed are not copied, cached or stored in any way on our servers. They are displayed via link to its original host: the social network. If any photo is removed from the social network or marked as private, it will immediately disappear from our photo feed.

Is your photo displayed & you don't want it to be?

Our experience with surfacing audience photos in this way has been nothing but positive. However we respect the creators' right to privacy and copyright. The quickest way to get it off our feed is by removing the original photo or mark it as private on the social network it was posted on.

If you don't want to do that, but want it removed from our photo feed, paste the link to your photo in the form below to request its removal. We reserve the right to verify each request. Once verified the photo will be removed from our feed as soon as reasonably possible.

For more information about privacy, click here.